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Huili Nursery Bilingual Experiential Event

25 Feb 2022



Childhood is the beginning of a lifetime of learning. For parents and educators, it is important that our preparations for the 'early childhood' stage are managed appropriately and this is why Huili Nursery Nantong places such emphasis on it.


We know that this stage is critical in a child’s development, but the way in which young children learn is not quite the same as at any other stage of human life. If we do not understand children well enough and respect them, then, as the French philosopher Rousseau pointed out hundreds of years ago, "education will go astray if we have the wrong idea about them", because "some people are committed to what adults should know, but do not consider what children can learn according to their abilities".


Considering the needs of the children, developing their abilities, creating a safe environment, respecting their uniqueness, encouraging active learning and giving personalised feedback and support, are some of the "key ingredients" that we place special emphasis on in a child’s education







So how can we encourage our children's self-development in life, starting with their own abilities? On 25th February, Ms. May Xue, Deputy Head of Early Years, and Mr. Jamie Plunkett, Head of Primary, will present an authentic Huili immersion bilingual experience to nursery children.






Details of the event:

Topic: Nursery Bilingual Experiential Event

 Target audience: children aged 3 - 5

● Date: 25 February 2022

● Time: 10:00-11:00 (please sign up at 9:30)

● Location: China-Austria Eco-Park, Su-Xi-Tong Science and Technology Industrial Park, Nantong


Scan the QR code below or call 0513-8919 0666 or 177 1485 5368 to register






Bilingual Experience Teachers




May Xue

Deputy Head of Early Years


Ms. May Xue holds a bachelor's degree in pre-school education and a master's degree in child development psychology from Zhejiang Normal University. She joined the Huili family in 2016 and has many years of experience in kindergarten teaching and management in Shanghai Huili Kindergarten and Hangzhou Huili Kindergarten. Ms. Xue and the management team of Nantong Huili School will lead Nantong Huili Kindergarten to excellence.




Jamie Plunkett

Head of Primary


Mr Plunkett holds a bachelor’s degree and PGCE in Computer Science from The University of Brighton. He has worked as a teacher, Student Director and Vice  Chancellor in the UK and UAE.   




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